Monday, February 28, 2005


Stories about situations that put World War III as real possibility. Israel vs the anti-Semites; Iran vs US; Pakistan vs get the idea.

8/22/06 Iran opens fire on Romainan oil rig
8/21/06 22 August 2006
8/11/06 The battleground is here
8/10/06 UK thwarts mass murder plot
8/8/06 Missing foreign students and WWIII
8/7/06 Worldwide News Sources...not a good source
7/20/06 Updating the WW III sides
7/18/06 Whose on which side Updated
7/17/06 They won't stop but a few get it
7/14/06 WW III watch
7/14/06 May as well know whose on which side
7/14/06 Whose side to take in WWIII
7/13/06 Archduke Gilad Shalit