Monday, February 28, 2005


Mailbox, Letters and other Feedback
Some letters to the Editor are simply too idiotic to not respond to. Some comments on this blog warrant public response. Those will be here.

10/04/06 Political Infestation
7/17/06 Quotidian
7/13/06 Effort on the Pity Train
7/13/06 Andy's cross...there is another side to the story
7/11/06 Bad analogy works so well...and don't insult me like that
7/11/06 The broken partisan mentality...ode to Andy
6/19/06 Seeing Bias Where it doesn't Exist--Part 2
6/13/06 Offense to Party over Principle
6/11/06 Seeing bias where it might not be
6/8/06 T-Ball game at the GOP, not baseball
5/9/06 I Am What I Am, I Believe What I Believe
5/8/06 More on the 6th
5/3/06 Close-minded GOPers assail open-minded people
5/1/06 Susan Sarandon Shutup
5/1/06 Residual Response
4/28/06 Correction of KvM Analysis
4/4/06 V for Vendetta responses
4/2/06 Responses to our Bachmann segment
3/11/06 Politics of silencing opposition
3/10/06 Kennedy's supporters freak out
2/13/06 Show recap and the Olympics
11/23/05 Marriage response
11/21/05 Pod cast of 6th Forum available.
11/8/05 Torture or not we cannot ban it
11/4/05 Ad hominem attacks
11/1/05 Something I forgot to ask Doug
11/1/05 Miers Opposition--Analysis of the Elitists
10/17/05 Response to Captain Bogs about Miers
9/6/05 More partisanship misinformation from the left
9/6/05 Could he be talking about me
8/26/05 Robertson is a Church & State issue?
8/19/05 The thought process of liberals
8/19/05 Moron Mommy, Rowley and lies
8/12/05 The looney left
8/12/05 Wakky Moron Mommy Update
7/2/05 Gitmo prisoners fighting...and should be beaten
6/10/05 Again with the 'do what we say' from the GOP
6/2/05 Strib Letters from yesterday
5/1/05 CR Supporters demand compliance or you can have no opinion
4/26/05 MN Lefty Liberal gets it wrong
4/24/05 Responding to Letters
4/14/05 Letters to the Editor--Strib Today
4/12/05 Sorry Everybody Dummies
4/12/05 Letter to the Editor Reply
4/2/05 Unmasking the truth
3/18/05 Liberal misses the point each time