Monday, February 28, 2005


Matters of Life
This was originally for posts about Terri Schiavo. Her story epitomizes the struggle of defining life, realizing the quality of life and the troubles of answering when is life not worth living. So all stories related to Life in this light will be here. This will likely include abortion issues, though that is a topic I do not delve into often. Also are stories about quality of life.

9/11/06 Awareness found in Vegatative Patients
7/19/06 Distortion on stem cell bill...and a little help needed
7/12/06 Conflicting logic about babies
6/6/06 Leftie blames Bush for her abortion
4/13/06 Pull her plug
2/2/06 Private ownership threatened again
10/19/05 Abortion called Birth Control
8/3/05 Brain dead delivers baby
6/15/05 Teen takes one shot that will last a lifetime
5/4/2005 Brain patient speaks again
4/12/2005 St. Cloud Times gets Schiavo case wrong
4/8/2005 See, I told you the slippery slope would continue
3/31/2005 Brain-Damaged Child's Family Mulls Life And Death
3/23/2005 Next time we hear about the children starving to death
3/22/2005 Right-to-die advocate nails Schiavo's national implication
3/21/2005 Mercy Killing of Newborns Being Advocated
3/17/2005 This is Not Right-to-Die
3/17/2005 Abortion done 'in good faith'