Monday, February 28, 2005


Courts, Trials and Decisions.

10/09/06 Fired Illegals Sue Former Employer
9/20/06 California sues 6 auto makers over Global Warming
8/31/06 School's 'No Drug Policy' is Void While Making Fun of President Bush
8/20/06 Wiretaps struck down
8/3/06 When is a religion actually a religion
6/12/06 Death Penalty can cause more death
6/5/06 3 Strikes...may need further review
5/26/06 It all comes together here
2/21/06 MLB took a name they did not own
2/2/06 Stupid people playing the litigation lottery
2/2/06 Private ownership threatened again
11/22/05 If this were a guy...
11/15/05 Damn Atheist
10/25/05 Indictment in the White House
8/26/05 Showing ID to vote is bad?
8/9/05 HI school not allowed to discriminate by race
8/3/05 Ticket paid in pennies
7/29/05 Man charged for sex with wife
7/29/05 Teen killer declared sane
7/21/05 AFSCME sues University
7/18/05 Americana and God under attack again
6/19/05 Former Tyco chiefs found guilty
6/14/05 Surgical Tools Washed With Hydraulic Fluid
6/13/05 Michael Jackson verdict coming
5/12/05 Amusement Park Death--Point the finger where?
5/12/05 He's Wrong, But Kudos to Him
5/2/05 Southpinellas: The odd case of a naked nanny
5/2/05 GOP and Dems don't want voter preferred primary
5/1/05 Girl Scouts Sue Deadbeat Cookie Buyers
4/24/05 Yawning Proves Costly in Courtroom
4/22/05 Woman in Wendy's Finger Case Arrested
4/12/05 Judges step out of bounds
4/10/05 Finger finder has history of playing litigation lottery
4/7/05 Woman files suit against Falcons' QB Vick
4/6/05 Man Conviced of Assault Appeals Competence of Lawyer
3/30/05 They knew what they were getting into
3/30/05 Are Gaming Accomplishments Property?
3/25/05 Greer Just Wants Her Dead
3/24/05 Greer the Judge of Death?
3/16/05 Scott Peterson Sentenced To Death
3/15/05 Stolen Sperm
3/15/05 Ex-WorldCom Chief Ebbers Convicted of Fraud