Monday, February 28, 2005


Hurricane postings will be here. BTW, the picture is a satellite photo of Hurricane Dora on August 10, 1999 in the Pacific Ocean.

6/13/06 Ibis Eye Hurricane Tracker
5/18/06 Robertson predicts storms
9/28/05 Canadian columnist hits nail on the head
9/24/05 Crazy weatherman...or dead on accurate
9/20/05 Hurricane names
9/19/05 Empty Amtrak
9/7/05 Kanye West is stupid
9/6/05 Disspelling the myths
9/6/05 Katrina stats so far
9/6/05 More partisanship misinformation from the left
9/5/05 Global Warming link to Katrina is a myth
9/5/05 Dems Blame Game in the midst of a disaster
9/2/05 Lessons so far from Katrina
9/1/05 What should happen to New Orleans residents
8/31/05 Move New Orleans?
8/31/05 The left is blaming humans for Katrina
8/30/05 Silver lining in Katrina
8/30/05 Hurricane Katrina

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