Monday, February 28, 2005


Postings that deal with Republicans should be here. An exception are postings dealing with Minnesota Republicans or College Republicans. Those groups have their own listings.

10/14/06 Pawlenty vs Hatch update
10/09/06 Political Update from the investors
9/27/06 St Paul to host GOP convention in 2008
9/27/06 Skip the 6th
9/26/06 Cheep Political Stunt of the Day
9/25/06 From bad to worse
9/25/06 What is she hiding
9/20/06 Dishonest campaigning
9/18/06 McCain blowing hot air may work
9/15/06 Movement on TradeSports
9/14/06 Conspiracy theory not plausible
9/12/06 TradeSports Quick Primary Day Update
9/08/06 Klobuchar and crime with honesty
9/05/06 Trade Sports update on November 2006
9/05/06 The Work of the People Not to get Done
8/30/06 Pawlenty's quote
8/25/06 Shut Up Kessler
8/22/06 The CPA and the Prosecutor
8/16/06 Dems, terror, immigration
8/14/06 Kennedy endorses Lieberman--the real reason why
8/9/06 TradeSports predictions and what Lieberman means to the GOP
8/8/06 Bachmann calling the kettle a no-show
8/8/06 Missing foreign students and WWIII
8/8/06 Update on political investing
7/25/06 Kennedy's TV ad
7/18/06 Downward ticking for GOP
7/15/06 A quote about parties and the country
7/14/06 Most Americans Plan to vote D
7/11/06 Bad analogy works so well...and don't insult me like that
7/11/06 The broken partisan mentality...ode to Andy
7/10/06 A few election premises destroyed
6/8/06 T-Ball game at the GOP, not baseball
6/6/06 Wanted: Unwitting flock to lead
6/1/06 We're bad but they are worse
5/22/06 Tea leaves from New Orleans
5/13/06 Still a good idea even as a political stunt
5/11/06 Having power causes you to lose power
5/9/06 I Am What I Am, I Believe What I Believe
5/8/06 More on the 6th
5/6/06 Michele Bachmann wins 6th GOP endorsement
5/5/06 I can only say I told you so
4/10/06 As of April 10, 2006...
4/6/06 TradeSports Senate election predictions
2/27/06 Endorsement in the 6th
2/25/06 Good politicians gone bad
2/23/06 John Uldrich for US Senate?
2/9/06 Angry Democrats trying to spin away the image
2/1/06 State of the Union Address Sucks
12/31/05 Why do I hate party politics
11/28/05 Specter wants investigation to save Owens
11/21/05 Pod cast of 6th Forum available.
11/19/05 Kennedy in a tough spot?
11/15/05 Why are they Republicans
11/12/05 Andy, I'm Sorry
11/1/05 What the GOP elite missed
10/31/05 One last tidbit about Miers and the elitists in the GOP
9/28/05 Pelosi turns back pork...unlike GOP
9/15/05 Lynn Swann for Gov
8/30/05 Yecke dropping from the race
7/25/05 Wilson-Plame-Novak-Rove Blame Game
7/15/05 Rove or Kerry...who outed whom
6/30/05 Rep McHenry helped fix elections
5/24/05 Filibuster May Have Been Good?
5/23/05 Moderate GOP Senators slice the GOP hamstring
5/5/05 Tim Pawlenty for President?
5/2/05 GOP and Dems don't want voter preferred primary
4/30/05 6th District Convention
3/16/05 Senate Allows ANWR Drilling 51-49

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