Sunday, February 27, 2005

US Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court
I'm a USSC junkie. I read the decisions usually the day of the least the summaries. So, more than most other people there will be a larger number of posts about the Court. Anything about the Justices, the Court and their decisions will be under this category.

5/2/06 Justice O'Connor coming to Minnesota
4/5/06 School bans American Flag
1/31/06 Alito confirmed
1/28/06 Dayton may be on show, Alito, Unitary Executive
1/7/06 Democrat hypocrisy over Alito
1/4/06 Alito gets highest rating from ABA
11/3/05 Another Miers theory
10/31/05 Some info about Alito
10/31/05 Who is full of hatred and venom
10/31/05 One last tidbit about Miers and the elitists in the GOP
10/31/05 Did Bush call them for the Alito appointment
10/27/05 Miers withdrawal was predicted on Friday
10/17/05 Response to Captain Bogs about Miers
10/16/05 Comments On Miers
10/5/05 More Miers support
10/5/05 Conservative Princess supports Miers
10/4/05 Miers--the aftermath
10/3/05 Miers for Supreme Court
9/29/05 Which is your ideal nominee
9/29/05 Roberts is confirmed
9/28/05 How the Democrats are stacking up for tomorrow
9/28/05 Past confirmations
9/28/05 Previous confirmation votes
9/27/05 Playmate to be heard in Supreme Court
9/7/05 Souter vs Rehnquist
9/6/05 Supreme Court guessing
9/5/05 Roberts Nominated for Chief
9/3/05 My choice for Chief Justice
9/3/05 Rehnquist passes away
8/23/05 What the confirmations should be
7/27/05 The Ginsburg Precedent
7/20/05 John G Roberts, Jr
7/19/05 Edith Clement
7/18/05 Clinton's advice for Supreme Court nominations
7/8/05 Rehnquist retiring
7/8/05 Playing nice to start
7/7/05 Supreme Court rumors
7/2/05 Good Riddance to O'Connor
7/1/05 A Justice to comes the ugliness
6/28/05 Kelo v City of New London
6/20/05 Rompilla v. Beard
5/19/05 Granholm v Heald
4/26/05 Does "any" mean "any" or just some of "any"?
4/24/05 Strib does not tell full story on Fortas
4/18/05 Justice Scalia's Common Sense
3/31/05 Should it be tax-exempt?
3/31/05 That Big Government Loving J. O'Connor
3/21/05 An Odd View of Balance of Powers
3/15/05 Scalia Slams Juvenile Death Penalty Ruling

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