Monday, February 28, 2005


Personal Items
This was going to only be for updates with the radio show. It has become an umbrella for items relating to me personally. Way it goes. Don't worry, I'm not turning this into a daily personal diary.

10/02/06 Got my ticket
9/19/06 Some suggestions please
9/14/06 Book Review: Act of Treason
9/13/06 Bracing for a new wave of threats
9/12/06 I'm behind on it
9/08/06 American Idol audition
8/29/06 Blog personnel update
8/19/06 The Return and the explanation
8/8/06 70,000 hits
8/7/06 Baseball League is rolling again (BLBL Related)
8/2/06 Stylistic changes may be coming here
7/17/06 Webhosting Search
7/13/06 Effort on the Pity Train
7/11/06 The broken partisan mentality...ode to Andy
7/5/06 Guest hosting morning show
6/29/06 Exhausting Week and home is dissolving
6/6/06 BLBL Update (BLBL Related)
5/26/06 I am on Media Matters...kind of
5/23/06 60,000 hits
5/11/06 Enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend
5/9/06 I Am What I Am, I Believe What I Believe
5/3/06 1,000th post
5/1/06 ARUC podcasts are up
4/25/06 A New Feature of this Blog
4/24/06 Podcast for the blog
4/17/06 What would your tip be?
4/10/06 50,000 hits and counting
4/4/06 Twins Weekly Podcast Coming
4/4/06 BLBL Update BLBL Related
3/31/06 Any idea what this is?
3/14/06 Blog Day--Some understanding
3/8/06 Which Sci-Fi crew would you fit in with?
3/8/06 Are you a Talent?
3/1/06 Week 1 of baseball simulation is complete BLBL Related
2/28/06 Baseball League Opening Day BLBL Related
2/19/06 A new plank to my platform
2/17/06 Simulation league blog is up BLBL Related
2/15/06 40,000 hits
2/14/06 Simulation League starting date announced BLBL Related
2/10/06 February...and it is time to think about baseball BLBL Related
1/26/06 You can hear me on Glenn Beck
1/23/06 Archive overhaul
1/17/06 Features of the blog--The Election Scoreboard
1/17/06 Features of this blog--Cabinet positions
1/13/06 Just a quick hello
1/11/06 Countries and states...what is the latest news
1/10/06 Features of the blog--what are all of those pictures
1/8/06 Today's Show
12/24/05 Merry Christmas
12/21/05 30,000 hits
11/12/05 Andy, I'm Sorry
10/14/05 20,000 hits
10/11/05 New Contributor to ARUC
10/6/05 10,000 visitor to this blog
9/30/05 Light blogging
9/9/05 Blog Roll updated
9/7/05 What denomination am I
9/6/05 Nation News Feeds completed
8/31/05 Graduation Year Songs
8/30/05 Underacheivers 2005
8/12/05 Blog Upgrade
8/3/05 Coming Improvements
7/27/05 Mitch Berg & NARN promote Race to the Right
7/27/05 Gerry Daly Did It
7/11/05 10,000 hits
7/7/05 Need Help
6/28/05 Guests for our first month on the air
6/24/05 Your theological worldview
6/23/05 Quick and Dirty IQ Test
6/22/05 What kind of blogger Am I?
6/22/05 Some sort of book thing
6/17/05 What Planet Are You
6/17/05 Radio Show is a Go
6/12/05 I want to be like Who?
6/10/05 5000 hits
6/9/05 Blog Archives Are Done
6/7/05 Blog Change Progress
6/2/05 Blog Changes
5/24/05 Animal Personality Quiz
5/12/05 Bad Shopping Experience
5/1/05 Thank you to...
4/25/05 I Was Just On Glenn Beck About Winona
4/18/05 What Kind of American English Do You Speak?
Ongoing: My Own Platform