Monday, February 28, 2005


Association of Federal, State, County and Municipal Employees
This union is one of the worst in abusing its status, being completely bonkers in how it operates, etc. But they are a part of a larger problem: unions. Union related items are here under the banner of the loonies, AFSCME.

4/30/06 Tip about AFSCME and Illegal Aliens
4/27/06 AFSCME to take time off for non-union protest
4/13/06 St Paul Ford Plant to close
2/22/06 AFSCME more concerned with the letter than the person
8/24/05 AFSCME intentionally lies to new employees about political monies and dues
8/3/05 The Hyperbole
7/25/05 Radical Unions shoot themselves in foot
7/21/05 AFSCME sues University
5/5/05 AFSCME doing inapproraite protests AGAIN
4/20/05 Is this the proper role of a labor union?

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