Monday, February 28, 2005


Marriage, Gay Rights and Gay Issues
Originally this was only going to be about Gay Marriage issues. Then I began enveloping gay issues in this category. I may eventually break the two apart, but for now they are all one-in-the-same. Sorry, rainbow warriors.

6/6/06 Wanted: Unwitting flock to lead
5/18/06 Sex Survey in School
1/9/06 I told you so
11/23/05 Marriage response
11/17/05 Cured of AIDS
7/6/05 The books handed to kids by gays
5/9/05 Democrats' Platform Shouldn't Back Gay Marriage, Kerry Says
5/1/05 Defrocked lesbian minister wins appeal
4/14/05 Michele Bachmann Reactions
4/12/05 Dueling Pro- and Anti-Gay Days
3/16/05 Poll finds most oppose same-sex marriage

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