Monday, February 28, 2005

9/11 and Terrorism

9/11, Terrorism and the War on Terror
This is becoming a larger envelope for topics. Terrorism and 9/11 are in here. The War on Terror are in here. Also to be included are the War in Iraq since it is argueably part of the War on Terror.

10/07/06 New York Times: Arguement for Treason
9/29/06 Newsweek: Grahm: Battling Bush
9/18/06 McCain blowing hot air may work
8/20/06 Wiretaps struck down
8/16/06 Dems, terror, immigration
8/10/06 UK thwarts mass murder plot
8/8/06 Missing foreign students and WWIII
6/8/06 Ding Dong the Murderer is Dead
5/4/06 On 2nd thought
5/3/06 Zacarias Moussaoui gets what he deserves
2/9/06 Details about foiled terrorist plots
2/9/06 The lines are drawn...what are we waiting for
1/25/06 Fallacy of War Protests
1/3/06 I hope this comes true
12/18/05 Correction on Frist
12/17/05 Patriot Act and America to be defeated by Democrats
12/7/05 Marshal shoots man claiming to carry bomb
11/28/05 These freaks are still out there
11/15/05 Person of the Year another terrorist?
11/10/05 If you are not one of them...
11/9/05 Finally some speak up
10/16/05 What the enemy thinks of Americans
10/12/05 Al Qaeda has learned from Vietnam
10/11/05 Terrorism in the USA
10/5/05 Islam and more terrorist links
9/27/05 One more Satan Angel killed
9/11/05 Families want WTC memorial about 9/11 only
8/19/05 Moron Mommy, Rowley and lies
8/18/05 Moron Mommy does not speak for all
8/17/05 Political Correctness must die now
8/17/05 Able Danger identifies himself
8/16/05 Rowley to associate with hatred
8/15/05 Howard Dean gives more wisdom
8/12/05 They are doing it the way we should be
8/12/05 Wakky Moron Mommy Update
8/11/05 The truth about the protesting mom
8/4/05 Take Back The Memorial
7/29/05 Islamic groups want double standard
7/22/05 Not An Extremist, Then You Are A Target
7/22/05 About Time
7/14/05 Torture or not
7/14/05 Profile this
7/8/05 No choice now but to kill them instead
7/2/05 Gitmo prisoners fighting...and should be beaten
6/21/05 Durbin the Dummy
6/15/05 TV show depicts 9/11 as Bush plot
6/2/05 The Fallacy Of War Protests
6/2/05 Strib Letters from yesterday
5/25/05 Are all Muslims bad?
5/17/05 The Newsweek Fiasco
4/21/05 Terrorists don't like being detained...and that is abusive
3/25/05 Iraq Insurgents are giving up?