Monday, February 28, 2005


Postings that deal with Democrats should be here. An exception are postings dealing with Minnesota Democrats. That group has its own listing.

10/14/06 Pawlenty vs Hatch update
10/09/06 Political Update from the investors
10/02/06 You mean you will not raise taxes
9/29/06 Newsweek: Grahm: Battling Bush
9/27/06 Skip the 6th
9/26/06 Cheep Political Stunt of the Day
9/21/06 Dirty campaigning
9/15/06 Movement on TradeSports
9/14/06 Conspiracy theory not plausible
9/12/06 TradeSports Quick Primary Day Update
9/08/06 Klobuchar and crime with honesty
9/08/06 Path To 9/11 Receives Un-Due Criticism
8/25/06 Shut Up Kessler
8/22/06 The CPA and the Prosecutor
8/16/06 Dems, terror, immigration
8/14/06 Kennedy endorses Lieberman--the real reason why
8/9/06 Never a conspiracy missed
8/9/06 TradeSports predictions and what Lieberman means to the GOP
8/8/06 Missing foreign students and WWIII
8/8/06 Update on political investing
7/18/06 Downward ticking for GOP
7/15/06 A quote about parties and the country
7/14/06 Most Americans Plan to vote D
7/13/06 Pimping out tragedy
7/11/06 The broken partisan mentality...ode to Andy
7/10/06 A few election premises destroyed
7/5/06 Party over Principles...the end game
6/6/06 Wanted: Unwitting flock to lead
6/1/06 We're bad but they are worse
5/22/06 Tea leaves from New Orleans
5/22/06 Sounds like corruption is a bi-partisan thing
5/15/06 White race reawakening by AG
4/25/06 Poor little man
4/6/06 TradeSports Senate election predictions
4/4/06 McKinney in more trouble
4/4/06 McKinney to be arrested?
3/18/06 Sabo sees scoreboard and retires
2/22/06 AFSCME more concerned with the letter than the person
2/22/06 Names becoming politicians
2/17/06 IMP co-host is running for Senate
2/16/06 Media suck I hope they wither away
2/14/06 Welcome back Mike McIntee
2/13/06 Gore in Saudi Arabia
2/9/06 More evidence...IMP are hacks
2/9/06 Angry Democrats trying to spin away the image
2/1/06 What a steaming pile from Rowley
2/1/06 State of the Union Address Sucks
2/1/06 Company Sheehan keeps and 6 Degrees Rowley style
1/31/06 Ethical decision making means blame goes elsewhere
1/31/06 Alito confirmed
1/30/06 Colleen Rowley's example of ethical decision making
1/20/06 Wetterling drops from race
1/18/06 She is a racist, plain and simple
1/7/06 Democrat hypocrisy over Alito
12/31/05 Why do I hate party politics
12/17/05 Patriot Act and America to be defeated by Democrats
12/10/05 The irony of Tookie's celebrity status
12/10/05 Tookie's best message would be his execution
12/10/05 The Celebrities who support cold-blooded killers
12/10/05 Tookie's history
12/5/05 Yesterday's show
12/5/05 I have to be fair about it
12/2/05 Fair IMP producer is author on Daily Kos
12/1/05 IMP vs RttR and MDE--we are correct
11/29/05 No shame from Rowley's campaign
11/29/05 Rowley tries to mislead public
11/27/05 IMP Voice Mail
11/23/05 IMP threatens Race to the Right
11/23/05 Inside MN Politics has gone too far
11/8/05 Mortensen withdraws from race
11/1/05 Coleen's hypocrisy
10/31/05 Who is full of hatred and venom
10/17/05 El Tinklenberg Interview
10/17/05 Mortensen interview
10/16/05 Eva is a mindless freak
10/4/05 Wi-Fi is a Civil Rights Issue
10/3/05 Hilary tries to kill damaging court docs
9/29/05 Rowley blames Kline for DeLay
9/28/05 How the Democrats are stacking up for tomorrow
9/28/05 Pelosi turns back pork...unlike GOP
9/27/05 How sad life must be
9/26/05 Cindy going where she belongs
9/15/05 Don't let the door hit ya
9/5/05 Dems Blame Game in the midst of a disaster
9/3/05 Coleen finally answers questions from last week
8/31/05 The left is blaming humans for Katrina
8/30/05 Rowley for Senate?
8/29/05 Rowley complains about you mean bloggers
8/26/05 Robertson is a Church & State issue?
8/24/05 Rowley destroyed on Hardball
8/23/05 What the confirmations should be
8/19/05 Democrats want higher gas prices
8/17/05 Able Danger identifies himself
8/16/05 Rowley to associate with hatred
8/15/05 Moron Mommy Update
8/15/05 Howard Dean gives more wisdom
8/11/05 The truth about the protesting mom
7/25/05 Wilson-Plame-Novak-Rove Blame Game
7/15/05 Rove or Kerry...who outed whom
7/6/05 The Depths the Democrats have sunk to
6/21/05 Durbin the Dummy
6/19/05 Senator Robert KKK Byrd
5/29/05 Dems already use extraordinary circumstances
5/24/05 Filibuster May Have Been Good?
5/23/05 Moderate GOP Senators slice the GOP hamstring
5/19/05 Dems Threaten Shutdown
5/18/05 Memos reveal strategy behind judge filibusters
5/17/05 Filibuster: Let's Get Ready To Ruuummmmmbbbblllleee
5/12/05 More info about Conservatives on PBS
5/11/05 Conservatives on PBS may be illegal
5/9/05 Democrats' Platform Shouldn't Back Gay Marriage, Kerry Says
5/2/05 GOP and Dems don't want voter preferred primary
4/22/05 History and the Filibuster
4/2/05 Filibuster, Democrats and Hypocrisy
3/31/05 Facts About The Filibuster Ad
3/26/05 WI elections were cooked...
3/26/05 MSM and Dems try to kill free speech
3/22/05 More divisive rhetoric from the left
3/20/05 Further Proof that the Dems are the divisive ones
3/18/05 Socialist Fanatic Freak Is Running For Senate
3/16/05 Senate Allows ANWR Drilling 51-49

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