Monday, February 28, 2005

Media Bias

Media Bias, double standards and hypocrisy
Here we have the list of ariticles which demonstrate or hint at the existing media bias. I have begun to include evidence of Main Stream Media (MSM) incompetence on this list.

10/07/06 New York Times: Arguement for Treason
9/08/06 Path To 9/11 Receives Un-Due Criticism
8/31/06 The Star Fib: Unable to Call a Duck a Duck
8/25/06 Lynch having baby...update on the other girl
8/25/06 Shut Up Kessler
8/7/06 Worldwide News Sources...not a good source
6/22/06 Have you witnessed climate change? How?
6/22/06 When news is news
6/11/06 Seeing bias where it might not be
5/22/06 Sounds like corruption is a bi-partisan thing
5/11/06 Having power causes you to lose power
5/2/06 Dreyfuss right on the mark
2/16/06 Media suck I hope they wither away
1/31/06 Shut up about these reporters
1/6/06 CNN does their own damage control
1/5/06 West Virginia Miners
12/18/05 Correction on Frist
12/17/05 Patriot Act and America to be defeated by Democrats
12/10/05 The irony of Tookie's celebrity status
12/10/05 Tookie's best message would be his execution
12/10/05 The Celebrities who support cold-blooded killers
12/10/05 Tookie's history
12/8/05 It took less than 24 hours
12/1/05 Goodnight Reality
11/23/05 Just so there is no doubt
11/21/05 Pod cast of 6th Forum available.
11/15/05 Person of the Year another terrorist?
10/25/05 Brazil rejects gun control
10/5/05 Islam and more terrorist links
9/26/05 Cindy going where she belongs
8/18/05 Moron Mommy does not speak for all
8/12/05 Wakky Moron Mommy Update
8/8/05 Oil For Food Scandal Update
8/4/05 Take Back The Memorial
7/15/05 New York Times altering quotes
7/8/05 Unemployment Down
6/24/05 MSM shows bad of Israel never the good
6/23/05 Cop Killed By Food Protesters
6/15/05 TV show depicts 9/11 as Bush plot
6/14/05 Wholesale index down, consumer spending down
6/2/05 Ancillary thought about Deep Throat
5/25/05 Strib's Take On the Filibuster Deal: Ultra-Liberal
5/25/05 Update on Kleis' record
5/25/05 Newsweek...seditious?
5/23/05 St Cloud Times prints factless letter
5/17/05 The Newsweek Fiasco
5/15/05 Newsweek sorry for starting riot that kills people
5/12/05 More info about Conservatives on PBS
5/11/05 Conservatives on PBS may be illegal
5/5/05 AIDS funds refused over prostitution clause - May 4, 2005
4/28/05 Gun Rights Realized?
4/24/05 Strib does not tell full story on Fortas
4/21/05 Terrorists don't like being detained...and that is abusive
4/12/05 St. Cloud Times gets Schiavo case wrong
4/11/05 NYT fishing for editorial from anti-DeLay GOP
3/26/05 MSM and Dems try to kill free speech
3/22/05 Red Wing school shooting
3/22/05 Strib hates least right-wing ones
3/22/05 Strib's editorial board gets facts wrong
3/16/05 Media Was Harder On Bush...Duh

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