Monday, February 28, 2005


College Republicans
This category includes posts about College Republicans and the National Committee. Stories are about the elections within, the scandals, historical items and anything else related to CR.

7/11/05 CRNC in trouble, split now to save yourselves
6/30/05 Why succession is necessary in the CRNC
6/30/05 Rep McHenry helped fix elections
6/26/05 Final Stand in CRNC must be...
6/24/05 Gourley upset all delegates will be allowed to vote
6/16/05 Some background on Hoplin and Company
6/12/05 For more about Eric The Crook Hoplin
5/23/05 CR vETS for "truth" dishonest again
5/16/05 CRNC Hypocrite liars at it again
5/8/05 The best way to save CR?
5/3/05 CRNC Chatter: CRNC In-House Fundraising
5/1/05 CR Supporters demand compliance or you can have no opinion
4/30/05 Conversation with Hoplin & Grasell
4/28/05 CR vETS for "truth" still rally around thief
4/26/05 CR vETS Against Blacklisting?
4/18/05 CR Liars are spinning for Crook
4/14/05 CR Veterans for Truth Agian show they are frauds
4/12/05 CR Veterans for Truth support a crook
4/7/05 CRNC Chair Candidate Gourley Continues to Duck Debate
3/23/05 CR 'vets' for Truth
3/23/05 Why aren't the Democrats saying anything about Hoplin?
3/22/05 You decide on the CR "Vets" from their own words
3/22/05 CRVets Continue their masqerade
3/21/05 More info about the CR National Cmtee Chair race
3/21/05 Still trying to hide their vendetta
3/21/05 CR Veterans for Truth: No Vendetta?
3/20/05 Hoplin's Albatross
3/20/05 The questions Hoplin needs to answer
3/19/05 Lies from CR Vets for 'truth'
3/19/05 More Truth About Hoplin
3/19/05 CR Veterans for Truth...Disgrace to Vets

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