Monday, February 28, 2005


This is for the stories about Terri Schiavo.

9/11/06 Awareness found in Vegatative Patients
8/3/05 Brain dead delivers baby
5/25/2005 Terri's husband cashes in same day she dies
5/4/2005 Brain patient speaks again
4/12/2005 St. Cloud Times gets Schiavo case wrong
4/8/2005 See, I told you the slippery slope would continue
4/5/2005 Schiavo Parents to Arrange Funeral Mass
4/4/2005 Observations Around Terri's Case
4/3/2005 Americans Not in Favor of Starving Terri Schiavo
3/31/2005 Brain-Damaged Child's Family Mulls Life And Death
3/31/2005 The more I hear of him the less I like him
3/31/2005 Rest In Peace
3/25/2005 Letter from a soldier to Terri
3/25/2005 Greer Just wants her dead
3/24/2005 Mayo Clinic Neurologist says Terri's no vegetable
3/24/2005 Greer the Judge of Death?
3/23/2005 Next time we hear about the children starving to death
3/23/2005 Terri is No Different than My Child :: Testimonials :: BlogsforTerri
3/23/2005 My theory on Michael Schiavo
3/23/2005 Not all Pull-the-Tubers are Nazi-In-Training
3/23/2005 I have been calling them Nazis
3/22/2005 Strib's editorial board gets facts wrong
3/22/2005 She was improving until her husband had his way
3/22/2005 Right-to-die advocate nails Schiavo's national implication
3/22/2005 Michael Schiavo is a monster
3/21/2005 Mercy Killing of Newborns Being Advocated
3/20/2005 Terri Schiavo - Never Properly Diagnosed
3/19/2005 The Innocent May Live?
3/17/2005 This is Not Right-to-Die
3/17/2005 Abortion done 'in good faith'
3/16/2005 One more reason to detest the U of MN Faculty