Monday, February 28, 2005

Scoreboard Positions

These are the positions that are compared in the platforms of candidates. These are not the rationalizations for my positions, only a brief description of what kind of a position will garner a +5.

Only a consumption tax is the ultimate goal. Cutting taxes permanently.

Cutting government spending is always the ultimate goal. Line-item veto is not a solution...only a way of striking selective "pork". Balanced budget amendment is unacceptable.

Only the military and very selected programs (if any) should be controlled or administered at the federal level. ANY reliance on the federal government for state, county or city items is unacceptable. All regulation should be at the state level or smaller.

Family Values
Any candidate that invokes "Family Values" without defining them is ONLY politicizing the term. Moral issues are typically under this term and should NOT be regulated at any level higher than the state if at all.

I think this issue should be settled at the state level. Overturning any and all laws that federalize this (or any social) issue is the goal.

All illegal immigrants should be deported when discovered. Businesses and people hiring illegal immigrants should be fined heavily. Fences should be built on all borders. Amnesty (in any name) is unacceptable.

Legal immigrantion, as a process should be simplified, but security checks more stringent. Quotas should be more diversely determined instead of South and Central America-heavy.

We should take the time needed to make certain the new democracy is able to defend itself. We need to understand that deomcracies take time and countries take decades to rebuild. Doing an incomplete job is dangerous and timetables are irresponsible and unacceptable. Task tables are fine...goals that must be met before withdrawal.

Using all tools needed outside of the borders to prevent terrorism. Balancing citizen's rights against citizen security must be maintained. Enemy combatants are not covered by Geneva Conventions; not subject to American civil rights.

Strong military. One of the few federal progams that are needed. Missile Defense is a priority.

School Districts should determine curriculum. States should have graduation standards on reading, writing, arithmatics and American history. They (or the federal government) should NOT have any other funding requirments or have any funds to education in any manner. Exceptions can be made for special education.

English as a Second Language classes, bilingual education are not acceptable. Social promotion must be ended. Problem children should be expelled. Parent involvement in some manner ought to be required. Parents being held accountable for children behavioral issues is desired.

Roads, roads and roads. Spending on roads should be above all other transportation always. Commuter rail should not be pursued/continued. Gas taxes should be ended. Ethanol requirements are unacceptable.

Refineries must be allowed to be built. ANWR must be drilled. Off-shore drilling must allowed. Subsidies for all energy must be ended. Nuclear energy must expanded.

Same Day registration must be ended. Government issue ID should be required to vote. Executive in charge of voting should be non-partisan.

Health Care
Government, keep your hands out. The best system is private, without any tax credits or taxation, that is portable like auto insurance.

Government Size and Scope
Beware of Smaller-Than-Government types. They expand government, just not as fast other people. This is worse than bigger government types as they claim they are small government but actually are "big, just not super big yet" types. A lot of federal involvement is big government or bigger government. Cutting (not in the 'cut the rate of growth' sense but in a shrink, decrease and lessening sense) is the only way to gain points in this category.