Monday, February 28, 2005


Theories and postulations
Theories that I am working on or speculations about various things in the world or universe will be here. This may also include discussions about other people's theories.

Silence Is Support
When 9/11 happened we thought that the only threats were the "extremist" Muslims from the Middle East. We thought that the "extremist" terrorists were infiltrating the West in order to attack it.

We never gave a second thought to the fact that Muslims clerics (leaders at different levels within the religion) never condemned the terrorists. We never thought about the excuses and rationalizing that Muslims did to avoid condemning the terrorists.

But we thought we could trust the quiet Muslim sitting next to us on the bus. We never imagined the Muslim that was teaching our kids could be a part of the enemy.

After 7/7/05 we learned that everything we believed was wrong. The Silent Muslims are silent because they deep down do not have a problem with the "extremists". The Islamic Nations' leaders continue telling us (through the United Nations) that the terrorists are not "extremists" but mainstream.

Silence Is Support. If the Silent Muslims do not support the terrorists they need to speak up and take action that rids their religion of the terrorists. Until that time there are two facts that exist. One, the terrorists are defining to the rest of the world what the Muslim religion is about. So long as the clerics and other leaders concur and so long as the rest of the members do or say nothing explicitly otherwise the other fact will exist: Silence Is Support.