Monday, February 28, 2005

NFL Vikings

Minnesota Vikings (1961 - present) 4 NFC Titles, 24 Playoff Appearances

5/1/06 Post draft analysis
4/27/06 New Vikings Uniforms Leaked
4/26/06 Bitter about Culpepper
3/9/06 Culpepper wants out
1/3/06 Wild Card Week
1/2/06 2006 NFL Draft Order
12/31/05 Tice to be fired
12/25/05 Reggie Bush And the damn 49ers
12/19/05 Playoff Scenarios
12/5/05 If the playoffs were today
10/31/05 Tice Finds Reason to Bench Culpepper
10/12/05 Sports builds Vikings character
9/26/05 Sports builds character
5/19/05 Ontario Smith excused from Vikings
3/11/05 Tice admits scalping Super Bowl tickets*

* This posting predates the beginning of Always Right, Usually Correct because it was taken from my Sports blog which is now defunct. I re-posted it here with the original date of posting.

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