Monday, February 28, 2005

NCAA Championships

2011 to be held at Reliant Stadium (Houston, Texas)
2010 to be held at Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, Indiana)
2009 to be held at Ford Field (Detroit, Michigan)
2008 to be held at Alamodome (San Antonio, Texas)
2007 to be held at Georgia Dome (Atlanta, Georgia)
2006 to be held at RCA Dome (Indianapolis, Indiana)
2005 North Carolina over Illinois ..score: 75-70 …location: Edward Jones Dome (St. Louis, Missouri)
2004 UConn over Georgia Tech ..score: 82-73 …location: Alamodome (San Antonio, Texas)
2003 Syracuse over Kansas ..score: 81-78 …location: Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)
2002 Maryland over Indiana ..score: 64-52 …location: Georgia Dome (Atlanta, Georgia)
2001 Duke over Arizona ..score: 82-72 …location: Metrodome (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
2000 Michigan State over Florida ..score: 89-76 …location: RCA Dome (Indianapolis, Indiana)
1999 UConn over Duke ..score: 77-74 …location: Tropicana Field (St. Petersburg, Florida)
1998 Kentucky over Utah ..score: 78-69 …location: Alamodome (San Antonio, Texas)
1997 Arizona over Kentucky ..score: 84-79 (OT) …location: RCA Dome (Indianapolis, Indiana)
1996 Kentucky over Syracuse ..score: 76-67 …location: Continental Airlines Arena (East Rutherford, New Jersey)
1995 UCLA over Arkansas ..score: 89-78 …location: Kingdome (Seattle, Washington)
1994 Arkansas over Duke ..score: 76-72 …location: Charlotte Coliseum (Charlotte, North Carolina)
1993 North Carolina over Michigan ..score: 77-71 …location: Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)
1992 Duke over Michigan ..score: 71-51 …location: Metrodome (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
1991 Duke over Kansas ..score: 72-65 …location: RCA Dome (Indianapolis, Indiana)
1990 UNLV over Duke ..score: 103-73 …location: McNichols Sports Arena (Denver, Colorado)
1989 Michigan over Seton Hall ..score: 80-79 (OT) …location: Kingdome (Seattle, Washington)
1988 Kansas over Oklahoma ..score: 83-79 …location: Kemper Arena (Kansas City, Missouri)
1987 Indiana over Syracuse ..score: 74-73 …location: Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)
1986 Louisville over Duke ..score: 72-69 …location: Reunion Arena (Dallas, Texas)
1985 Villanova over Georgetown ..score: 66-64 …location: Rupp Arena (Lexington, Kentucky)
1984 Georgetown over Houston ..score: 84-75 …location: Kingdome (Seattle, Washington)
1983 N.C. State over Houston ..score: 54-52 …location: University Arena (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
1982 North Carolina over Georgetown ..score: 63-62 …location: Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)
1981 Indiana over North Carolina ..score: 63-50 …location: Spectrum (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
1980 Louisville over UCLA ..score: 59-54 …location: Market Square Arena (Indianapolis, Indiana)
1979 Michigan State over Indiana State ..score: 75-64 …location: Jon M. Huntsman Center (Salt Lake City, Utah)
1978 Kentucky over Duke ..score: 94-88 …location: St. Louis Arena (St. Louis, Missouri)
1977 Marquette over North Carolina ..score: 67-59 …location: The Omni (Atlanta, Georgia)
1976 Indiana over Michigan ..score: 86-68 …location: Spectrum (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
1975 UCLA over Kentucky ..score: 92-85 …location: San Diego Sports Arena (San Diego, California)
1974 N.C. State over Marquette ..score: 76-64 …location: Greensboro Coliseum (Greensboro, North Carolina)
1973 UCLA over Memphis State ..score: 87-66 …location: St. Louis Arena (St. Louis, Missouri)
1972 UCLA over Florida State ..score: 81-76 …location: Los Angeles Sports Arena (Los Angeles, California)
1971 UCLA over Villanova ..score: 68-62 …location: Astrodome (Houston, Texas)
1970 UCLA over Jacksonville ..score: 80-69 …location: Cole Field House (College Park, Maryland)
1969 UCLA over Purdue ..score: 92-72 …location: Freedom Hall (Louisville, Kentucky)
1968 UCLA over North Carolina ..score: 78-55 …location: Los Angeles Sports Arena (Los Angeles, California)
1967 UCLA over Dayton ..score: 79-64 …location: Freedom Hall (Louisville, Kentucky)
1966 Texas Western over Kentucky ..score: 72-65 …location: Cole Field House (College Park, Maryland)
1965 UCLA over Michigan ..score: 91-80 …location: Memorial Coliseum (Portland, Oregon)
1964 UCLA over Duke ..score: 98-83 …location: Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City, Missouri)
1963 Loyola (Chicago) over Cincinnati ..score: 60-58 (OT) …location: Freedom Hall (Louisville, Kentucky)
1962 Cincinnati over Ohio State ..score: 71-59 …location: Freedom Hall (Louisville, Kentucky)
1961 Cincinnati over Ohio State ..score: 70-65 (OT) …location: Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City, Missouri)
1960 Ohio State over California ..score: 75-55 …location: Cow Palace (San Francisco, California)
1959 California over West Virginia ..score: 71-70 …location: Freedom Hall (Louisville, Kentucky)
1958 Kentucky over Seattle ..score: 84-72 …location: Freedom Hall (Louisville, Kentucky)
1957 North Carolina over Kansas ..score: 54-53 (3 OT) …location: Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City, Missouri)
1956 San Francisco over Iowa ..score: 83-71 …location: Welsh-Ryan Arena (Evanston, Illinois)
1955 San Francisco over La Salle ..score: 76-73 …location: Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City, Missouri)
1954 La Salle over Bradley ..score: 92-76 …location: Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City, Missouri)
1953 Indiana over Kansas ..score: 69-68 …location: Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City, Missouri)
1952 Kansas over St. John's ..score: 80-63 …location: Hec Edmundson Pavilion (Seattle, Washington)
1951 Kentucky over Kansas State ..score: 68-58 …location: Williams Arena (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
1950 CCNY over Bradley ..score: 71-68 …location: Madison Square Garden (New York, New York)
1949 Kentucky over Oklahoma A&M ..score: 46-36 …location: Hec Edmundson Pavilion (Seattle, Washington)
1948 Kentucky over Baylor ..score: 58-42 …location: Madison Square Garden (New York, New York)
1947 Holy Cross over Oklahoma ..score: 58-47 …location: Madison Square Garden (New York, New York)
1946 Oklahoma A&M over North Carolina ..score: 43-40 …location: Madison Square Garden (New York, New York)
1945 Oklahoma A&M over NYU ..score: 49-45 …location: Madison Square Garden (New York, New York)
1944 Utah over Dartmouth ..score: 42-40 (OT) …location: Madison Square Garden (New York, New York)
1943 Wyoming over Georgetown ..score: 46-34 …location: Madison Square Garden (New York, New York)
1942 Stanford over Dartmouth ..score: 53-38 …location: Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City, Missouri)
1941 Wisconsin over Washington State ..score: 39-34 …location: Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City, Missouri)
1940 Indiana over Kansas ..score: 60-42 …location: Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City, Missouri)
1939 Oregon over Ohio State ..score: 46-33 …location: Patten Gymnasium (Evanston, Illinois)