Sunday, February 27, 2005



10/09/06 Political Update from the investors
9/27/06 St Paul to host GOP convention in 2008
9/20/06 Dishonest campaigning
9/15/06 Movement on TradeSports
9/14/06 Conspiracy theory not plausible
9/12/06 TradeSports Quick Primary Day Update
8/22/06 The CPA and the Prosecutor
8/14/06 Kennedy endorses Lieberman--the real reason why
6/14/06 Investors opinions on Kennedy and Pawlenty
6/5/06 Transportation Constitutional Amendment
5/3/06 Free racist speech
5/2/06 More about the House Twins vote
5/2/06 Justice O'Connor coming to Minnesota
4/27/06 Vote them out
4/13/06 Pull her plug
4/13/06 St Paul Ford Plant to close
4/6/06 TradeSports Senate election predictions
4/5/06 2006 TradeSports election predictions
2/28/06 Hutchinson give Pawlenty advice
2/23/06 John Uldrich for US Senate?
2/22/06 How to stop a government shut down
2/9/06 Damn Northstar Boondoggle Rail
1/31/06 Ethical decision making means blame goes elsewhere
1/30/06 Colleen Rowley's example of ethical decision making
1/28/06 Kiffmeyer's Platform (Sec of State)
1/28/06 Dayton may be on show, Alito, Unitary Executive
1/25/06 Mary Kiffmeyer (Secretary of State)
1/23/06 Ford cutting jobs
1/22/06 M Mark Ritchie (Secretary of State)
1/22/06 Christian Sande (Secretary of State)
1/22/06 Bruce Kennedy (Secretary of State)
1/20/06 Wetterling drops from race
1/20/06 Kelly Doran's platform analysis
1/20/06 Becky Lourey's platform
1/19/06 Sue Jeffers to enter Governor's race
1/19/06 Time to review Steve Kelley's website positions
1/17/06 Pawlenty the fiscal liberal
12/28/05 St Cloud special election means...
12/18/05 After debate ARUC endorses...
11/29/05 Additions to the Candidate Scoreboard
11/29/05 No shame from Rowley's campaign
11/29/05 Rowley tries to mislead public
11/28/05 Higher voter turnout as an end
11/23/05 Ochsner wins endorsement
11/19/05 Kennedy in a tough spot?
11/13/05 Possible drop out of the 6th CD race
11/13/05 6th District Forum
11/12/05 6th District Forum Recap coming
11/10/05 Kiffmeyer's office disses non-metro areas
11/10/05 Sabo supports Kelo
11/9/05 Election Day Aftermath
11/3/05 Ramstad--enemy to bloggers
9/29/05 Duluth Mayor is a coward
9/29/05 Rowley blames Kline for DeLay
9/22/05 Storm coverage hysteria
8/30/05 Rowley for Senate?
8/30/05 Yecke dropping from the race
8/24/05 Taxpayer's League 2005 Scorecard
8/12/05 Gerry Rinehart--stupid or malicious
7/29/05 Teen killer declared sane
7/1/05 State Government shut down
6/10/05 General College will close
6/10/05 Eibensteiner as GOP Chair Again
5/25/05 Rowley to run for Congress?
5/24/05 General College should go
5/24/05 Stadium Balderdash Tabled
5/23/05 St Cloud Times prints factless letter
5/3/05 Senate OKs minimum wage raise
4/30/05 6th Disctrict Convention
4/25/05 New Twins stadium?
4/21/05 Minnesota Killer was a Pothead
4/21/05 Winona liberals think vulgarity in schools is free speech
4/12/05 MN to own the Twins
4/10/05 MN has law for Minimum Gas Price
3/26/05 Why Gutknecht should not run for Senate
3/22/05 Red Wing school shooting
3/18/05 I hate to say I told you so...
3/18/05 Socialist Fanatic Freak Is Running For Senate
3/16/05 Poll finds most oppose same-sex marriage

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